Q&A with the MEngM Program Coordinator

  • What initially attracted you to the MEngM program? I am really interested in product development. I have had some experience through internships before arriving at MIT, but primarily limited to areas that focused on the design aspect. In order to become more well rounded, and understand the whole development process from design to manufacturing to assembly, I enrolled in this program. Also, working with the industry will provide a great experience that will fortify all material learned in class.
  • Describe your feelings/reservations you had before you arrived on campus. Was there something you were looking forward to the most/least? I was least looking forward to the cold weather! I am from California, and although I snowboard and therefore have experience with snow, I have never had a prolonged exposure to it.
  • What classes were you excited to take/didn’t want to take? Have your feelings changed since being in the class? I am not as interested in the logistics side (or management focused) part of the manufacturing process. However, the class has helped me develop an understanding of the field so I can better comprehend issues that current businesses face on a daily basis. So while it may not have been my primary interest, I have definitely learned new material that will help me in my future career. The class I find most interesting is my Mechanical Assemblies class. When thinking about simple devices such as staplers, we typically overlook the minute design features that ensure proper functioning every time it is used. Professor Dan Whitney is a pioneer in the field and the knowledge and stories he has to share are really incredible.
  • Have you found the campus difficult to navigate? How do you like living in the Boston/Cambridge area? With the help of Google maps, the campus is not too difficult to navigate. Many of the buildings are actually connected via hallways so navigating from one to another is relatively easy with the help of signs. I have only been here for just over a month now, but living on the east coast has been pretty fun so far. There are so many people with similar passions around the Cambridge area due to the proximity of colleges in the area. And Boston has all the characteristics you would expect of a large city- culture and history, easy to navigate transportation systems, and nightlife.
  • Have you found the workload to be overwhelming? If so, how have you adjusted to it after the first month? With a planned schedule and focused work, the workload is definitely manageable. Plus, most of your time is spent working in groups on your final projects!
  • Do you enjoy interacting with your fellow MEngers? Do you enjoy the fact that it’s a smaller group of students? Definitely. With such a small group, we are more like a team working through these classes. You work with your peers on many assignments in graduate school so having this close knit group is extremely beneficial.

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